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Let Go and Let God

Lately I've suffered from writer's block. I have no inspiration for what I'm most passionate about and normally makes me feel better - putting words together. My Catholic writer's block I've found stems from one thing. Spiritual desolation. Part of... Continue Reading →


World Youth Day: Time of your Eternal Life

It is not long to go until World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And what a World Youth Day it will be. The first World Youth Day with a new pope, a South American pope, and in... Continue Reading →

How is your Prayer Life?

"Accustom yourself to pray this way and, God grant, soon you will nurture true prayer in yourself. Then there will be no need for rules. Labour, or nothing will come of you. If there is no success in prayer, then... Continue Reading →

Filling the Bucket of Self Esteem

Self esteem. A modern parenting essential.  In modern philosophies, ever increasing affirmation of self esteem is key in educational and parenting philosophies and in general society through political correctness (not offending anyone) and relativism (everyone is right in whatever they think). Self... Continue Reading →

Keeping Love in Lent

I’m participating in the Keeping LOVE in LENT Blog Link-Up 2013, hosted by Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints, Truly Rich Mom and Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families. We'll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy, childbirth and suffering

(Published in NZ Catholic, 25 March 2012) You’ll have to excuse me if the topic of this article is somewhat personal. The date of publication of this issue of NZ Catholic happens to also be the expected due date of... Continue Reading →

The real pains of pregnancy

I'm part of a few online boards for pregnant and new mothers. One of the most common things that people seem to post about is negative comments from other people about pregnancy, raising babies and children. It really brings them... Continue Reading →

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