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First Published Fiction @ Flash Frontier

This month, my first piece of published fiction is featuring on Flash Frontier's April Edition. This year I'm studying at the Hagley Writers' Institute in Christchurch. I've been particularly taken with experimenting with Flash Fiction (short short stories and the... Continue Reading →


Summer Holidays and #aotearoareads

There is something about the long summer and devouring New Zealand literature. Days travelling or hanging locally, visiting local beaches, mountains and rivers. All this inspires reading and writing about local tales and atmosphere as we holiday in our beautiful country.... Continue Reading →

Its Never Too Late to Be What You Might’ve Been

This February I start writing school. Part time. I've always had aspirations of being a writer, one of those sit in the back of your head and niggle kind of thoughts. I've fulfilled that dream in various ways - pretty... Continue Reading →

Writing Journals of Old

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to write. When I was younger, it took up a lot of my time. Perhaps because it brought me peace and solitude in the busy noise around (being the oldest of five children).... Continue Reading →

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