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As a child, I grew up in a Christian/Athiest family. Sounds complex right? When I was 16 I became a Catholic and once I had, I started asking the serious questions about what faith (in Jesus Christ) and the Catholic Church would mean for my life.
I am blessed to have met my husband about that time and to be able to go through those questions and implications together. We try to live by Church teaching in our lives. We have many years of teaching Theology of the Body for Teens and youth ministry in the Catholic Church behind us too. Faith is a big part of life. Yet it can be hard in an increasingly secular or faith ignoring world.
When I write, faith is usually a part of it. Sometimes I sit down to write and nothing comes. Yet often I can go to Mass or pray and I’m hit with words that just pour out of me.
Here are the articles/essays that I have written on Faith.

Nailing New Years Resolutions

In case you hadn't noticed, it is the time of New Year's resolutions. A tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement that begins on New Year's Day. The time when all the world is... Continue Reading →


Self Knowledge: How can we know ourselves?

How do we gain true humility? How well do we really know ourselves? Recently for spiritual reading I've been reading St Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle. Its a book I tried to read before, but it was a bit forced and... Continue Reading →

Catholic Digital Media Conference 2014

I have just returned from Sydney, Australia, where I attended the Catholic Digital Media Conference (CDMC). Here are a few highlights and reflections from me about the experience: Room for Independence and Reflection This week was my first week off... Continue Reading →

Praying for the Media

This last Sunday was celebrated as “Media Prayer Day” here in New Zealand. It was an initiative of a group of Christian Churches of various denominations. They had a good campaign on social media, with a few local celebrities asking... Continue Reading →

Desperately Seeking Community

Disclaimer: This piece is written in the style of a senior demon, Screwtape, to his nephew a junior demon, Wormwood. This is based on C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, which is well worth a read.  My dear Wormwood, You requested some tips on one... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Need to Be Reminded Of

We live in a modern world. We are often blinded by distractions and every now and then we need to be reminded of things that the modern world doesn't tell us. As a woman I think that is especially true. As... Continue Reading →

The Secrets of Happiness

How happy really are we today? How do we define that we have really 'lived'? We live in a marketing led world – a place of big dreams and bucket lists. Generally we have a high standard of living, yet we are constantly... Continue Reading →

The Contradiction of being a Modern Woman

Being a woman and being Catholic in the modern world is seen as somewhat of a paradox. What a contradiction it can seem in today to be an intelligent, well reasoned woman and yet also be a practising, devout Catholic. Isn’t... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Life Media

One of the downsides of being pro-life in 2013 is the negative stereotyping. Being"pro-choice" is so normalized and they seem to have the popular debate covered. They have the jargon, while we as pro-lifers have to well explain our side... Continue Reading →

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