This year I have about a hundred things I want to do with life. I can tend to be a bit of an overachiever.

But I know from past experience, that this all goes well for a few months, and then I seem to burn out (‘cos family life doesn’t seem to slow down or take a ‘season of rest’ just because I’ve got ambitions that I want to achieve as well as doing my family justice).

This year I plan on keeping that stress to a minimum. I’m trying to do that by discerning opportunity and life balance well, and by being mindful – enjoying the present and keeping myself in check.

Here is where Mindfulness on the Run comes in. I’ve been reading and practicing for a while (call it prayer/living in the moment/meditation/emotional intelligence…) but needed a short refresher on all things quick and mindful. I’m trying to be more conscious (mindful!) about reading things that will be good for keeping everything healthy and happy for the coming year.

Mindfulness on the Run is written by Auckland psychologist Dr Chantal Hofstee and is rich in short techniques for keeping stress at a minimum, emotions in check, and relationships happy.

Where it can be hard to have dedicated time to sit and process life, this approach is more psychological – treating the emotion/stress/relationship as it happens. Therefore creating more emotional intelligence and self awareness with practice to reduce the stress happening in the first place, therefore living happier. A kind of psychologist in your head as you live life, that over time will fade to just being mindful.

It was a good, short and practical read. I read it in a few hours, and took a lot from it.