This February I start writing school. Part time.

I’ve always had aspirations of being a writer, one of those sit in the back of your head and niggle kind of thoughts. I’ve fulfilled that dream in various ways – pretty much every job I’ve ever done has either involved writing, or I’ve bent to involve writing in some way. I’ve made and run websites, social media marketing, run blogs, written for newspapers and websites, dabbled in creative writing and journaling… but I haven’t actually sat down and done something I’ve daydreamed about doing – actually writing something solid. I’ve been writing short stories and bits and pieces, but in a disconnected way.

So I decided that I had enough of just thinking about it, as something I’d one day get around to.

Problem: having five children to raise, all under the age of eight, isn’t exactly conducive to sitting and writing for solid periods of time (as supportive as my husband is at encouraging me to have that time). Maybe even the children are an excuse. Maybe its more me and my self discipline as much as anything else. I hear of stories of women who are raising households of children and working full time and studying to better themselves. My own mother was a single mother of five children and achieved an enormous amount. And my aspirations are the luxury of dreams, not about having to be a breadwinner as such.

Solution: Enrol and be accepted into Hagley Writer’s Institute, something that will make me be accountable and force me into action. It’ll also help me craft my voice, practice different genres and disciplines, and get feedback to grow in the best way I can as a writer (and a person).

This is only a starting point. Its never too late to be what you might’ve been.

So this year I plan on blogging much more. I’ve begun with book reviews. Its part of my resolution to review every book I read this year. But as I procrastinate practice writing during the year I hope to fill this blog with hopefully meaningful words too, even for my own sake, not anyone else.