crushUntil about eighteen months ago, blogging was a big part of my life.

It was my outlet with small children, a way of being creative without making a mess or taking up too much time, and I liked writing. Sure, sometimes the breaks between were long, but it was something ticking away in the background, to go back to when I needed a voice.

I got involved in Ignitum Today and Catholic Stand, and loved the dialogue with Catholics all around the world that the Catholic blogosphere brought me.

Last October, with many months preparation before, I began Restless Press. A magazine style site with a large range of contributors from around Australia and New Zealand. And all went well.

But over time I got burnt out. Editing many pieces for other people started to take the time and place of my own creative outlet, and the fun started going out of it for me. Spare time isn’t copious when four small children are your priority, and so the choice was to keep up with running Restless Press, over writing my own pieces.

I guess it all became a lot of effort once it took as long to set up a post as to write it. By the time you took an image or found a copyright friendly public domain image as your featured image, proofed it all and added the right subheadings, did all your SEO and keywords, added your categories, did all the social media and all the rest, sitting down to write became a longer process once it became all professional.

This morning I read the piece on Fountains of Home titled I Miss Blogs. And I agree. I miss writing them.. I miss the words that flow out of me, that I don’t really care if anyone reads but it gives me a place to put them, a place to categorise my thoughts and experiences and to read my own growth. A kind of journal that I actually keep because I will only publish something I’m satisfied with to put in the public realm.

I miss sharing in the experiences and encouragement of others. Just writing for the sake of writing. Being inspired by others who do the same. And reading about life and people’s philosophies and family and friendship, rather than the numb time sucking void that scrolling social media can often being.

So I’m going to have a go at doing it again. Let’s see where this leads.