restless squareTomorrow I launch a new site: Restless Press.

It is exciting and scary launching a new site, after months and even years of thinking, praying about it, and then attempting some kind of complicated jigsaw to get it to come together.

Restless Press brings together passionate Catholic content creators (writers and other mediums), young and not so young, from around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. They come from many different backgrounds including mothers, professionals, church workers, dressmakers and seminarians. They write as themselves about their lives, about the things that they really care about and could talk about for hours and the things they have learnt about that they want to share with others.

Content will be published under the following categories:

  • Inspiration: Covering Prayer and Reflection and In Season (covering all things to do with that liturgical season – prayers, recipes, crafts, reflections…)
  • Formation: The knowledge we need to make sense of faith
  • Wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Cultural/Social (anything from NFP, exercise, food through to eating disorders etc)
  • In Action: Upcoming Events, Politics and current events, Activism, Social Justice, Bioethics, Mission
  • Lifestyle: Discernment, Single Life and Dating, Marriage, Family and Parenthood, Priesthood, Religious Life
  • Entertainment and Culture: Film, Fashion, Music, Literature, Technology
  • Everyday Witness: Short Q&A style testimonies

Each month we will have features surrounding a theme (or two). This month we will be focusing on the theme of Mission, which is also one of the Pope’s prayer intentions for the month. Also, the theme of War and Peace will feature, both as one of the Pope’s intentions for the month, but also as the world works out what it is doing about the attacks and issue of ISIS over the coming month.

Our mission at Restless Press? I think Pope Francis summed it up quite well when he said:

“To give witness with joy and simplicity to who we are and what we believe in”

So take a look at the new site, I am unsure as to where Grow the Roses will go from here, I’m not going to get rid of it, but I’m not sure how regularly I will post (which is rather sporadic at times anyway).

Bear with me as it all begins and I find my feet and refine the site as we grow. I hope that you will find it an inspiring and informative source to add to your day.