ICDMC-web have just returned from Sydney, Australia, where I attended the Catholic Digital Media Conference (CDMC).

Here are a few highlights and reflections from me about the experience:

Room for Independence and Reflection

This week was my first week off on my own (ok, I only had a 9 month old in tow, and he was babysat for part of it) since my motherhood began. It also happened to be located in a significant place for me, Sydney, Australia. A place that God led me to when I was 20 to work at World Youth Day 2008. Which was a massive experience for me that shaped me into the person I am today: getting me out of my comfort zone, encouraging my passions and work experience, allowing me some great life changing encounters with Christ and the Church and some amazing people from around the world who have helped me grow into the person I am today. It also helped determine that I was called to the vocation of marriage with one specific person who when I was away from I couldn’t do without.

So being back on my own, meeting old friends, catching the train and going off to ‘work’ at the Conference at the home of Australia (and New Zealand)’s great saint Mary Mackillop was quite significant for me. Mary Mackillop Place, where it was held, is one of my favourite places in Sydney and the Church is one of my favourite prayer places in the world.

The whole experience was a window back into the person I was in my early twenties and how far I’ve come and how important both motherhood and media/content creation are to me.

Passionate People

There were awesome speakers at the CDMC, I took a lot from it, but what also was amazing was being surrounded by likeminded passionate people. Being a stay at home mum and often dependent on the digital realm for social interaction (particularly on this subject), it was awesome to have a whole room full of people who think similar to you.

Mary MackilopQuotes

I was going to put some well thought out quotes here from the brilliant speakers over the past few days. But do you know what? I can’t. There were just too many, my notes are pages long, and I’m still processing them and praying about what they mean for me. It will all filter out in time.

Ok so it wasn’t said at the conference, but this really stands out to me as something that was a general theme:

“Do all you can with the means at your disposal, and calmly leave the rest to God.” – St Mary Mackillop


And all I’ve learnt, processed, connected with and reflected on this week means that you will probably be hearing more from me and a few changes to my site and the way I do things beginning right about now…

So I want to know, what do you love about Digital Media? What do you want to hear from me about?