four childrenI have been quiet on the writing front in recent times. Mostly due to the fact that three months ago we welcomed our fourth child and second son into our family. While many find us absolutely crazy for having four children the age of four and under (and I guess we are), I guess we went a step further and bought our first house, moved, had two of our children’s birthdays, Christmas and a baptism all in the space of a few weeks…

I find it hard to start writing again after a few months off. A few months of mind numbing exhaustion where its a struggle to find inspiration about what to do next, let alone what to write, do or be that is beyond my little bubble. But I’m starting to ‘wake up’. So here is my thoughts on my current state of motherhood to start me back up again.

Being mother to four children means growing.

To me, four children is less of a big deal than three or two were. Not meaning that its any less special, or life changing and it is definitely not less busy. I’m just more relaxed about it I think. I’ve survived all that has been thrown at me before, even when it is tough I know I can survive through it all again. God has been preparing me for it.

And it is tough at times. So tough you can’t see or think or function. At times you trip over children helping up the children that you’ve already tripped over!

But fourth time around has its advantages too. Things that I can’t take for granted and have grown to appreciate. Things like:

  • My body: After being pregnant for much of the last five years you really appreciate your body, all it has done and can do. And being not pregnant is rather nice too!
  • Friends and Family: Great support networks, that are strong and well experienced from the past few times. Great people who offer their time, company, food, cups of tea and friendship.
  • Experience: You have many children down to an art, and can apply past tricks that worked.
  • New Tricks: Our children are getting older and we are all becoming ready for new things. Kindergarten and more time away from home.
  • Help: From others and given to others. You can start to help others in similar positions, offering what worked for you. Paying forward I hope what I needed a few children back.
  • Time: Theres nothing more appreciated than time. Time with children who are growing up too fast. Time alone, in a quiet place, with the luxury of deciding what I want to do. Time for prayer (a Mass time or time in adoration is quite a luxury alone). Time with my husband, moments stolen when children are (hopefully) in their beds. Time with family and friends. It all often seems to go by so quick.
  • My husband: for the infinite help he offers me. Forcing me to be healthy when I can’t function to look after myself (from making me concoctions in the juicer, forcing me to take vitamins to allowing me to sleep). Because we share in it all together, I hope as much as the other. That’s what makes it all hold together and I’m blessed and ever grateful for that.

And of course, my faith helps me keep it all in perspective. Hopefully helping me to take time to reflect on it all and how the little piece that I’m doing (which can be so insular when you are a stay at home mum) fits into the way the universe is working. I hope that I am growing ever more accepting of the journey God has me on. Because as I’ve seen, so far the perks are far far better than my plan ever could give me.

Now to get back to practicing that writing thing, and to normal life (whatever that is)…