One of the downsides of being pro-life in 2013 is the negative stereotyping. Being”pro-choice” is so normalized and they seem to have the popular debate covered. They have the jargon, while we as pro-lifers have to well explain our side of the debate. A side that once heard out, often changes hearts and minds towards the plight of the unborn (or born, as with present euthanasia debates around the world).

In today’s world image and communication are crucial. In all sectors.

When it comes to the life debate, the ‘other side’ is so good at public image and getting into the media. We need to be just as savvy at being soundbyte friendly and able to hold a modern argument. Just as we have to with being Catholic. We need to be present, active and smart about what we put across and how we use social media. What we share, how we comment and how we interact.

As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said in the 2013 message for World Communications Day (which is well worth the read, I found it hard to pick one quote, I would have copied the whole thing!):

“Believers are increasingly aware that, unless the Good News is made known also in the digital world, it may be absent in the experience of many people for whom this existential space is important. The digital environment is not a parallel or purely virtual world, but is part of the daily experience of many people, especially the young.”

We need to utilise media well to be able to popularise and make more positive the message. To try to change the stereotype. To practically equip people who would term themselves ‘pro-life’ but shy away from actually talking or doing anything about it. This is the start of getting involved in the modern age prolife battle in a media savvy world, let alone winning it! We need to normalise being prolife and show that we are actually out there in high numbers and it is a livable thing that regular people believe. In the sanctity of life.

Life TV is a youtube channel that endevours to do just that. It offers regular original pro-life webisodes designed to unpack and explore the pro-life ethic. Currently it features two regular shows and a few special features. One is The Pro-Life Guy – a show which answers questions and provides reasoned answers which defend the logical soundness of the pro-life ethic. The other show is called Life on Film and it’s a panel discussion show which will explore the pro-life and ethical themes found in mainstream movies. I happen to feature on the panel of Life on Film.

Oh and it hails from New Zealand, so enjoy our lovely accents!

(As originally published on Ignitum Today)