cokeTruth. What really is it?

Does our society really hold that much value in truth?

In our politically correct world all is relative, rather than true. Whats good for her isn’t good for me but that doesn’t make it wrong… He’s entitled to think thats true if he wants… Who is right?

There are two forms of truth: objective truth and subjective truth.

Objective truth is factual. It is real.

Subjective truth is opinion. It changes depending on who is holding the opinion.

We live in a society that has blurred the boundaries of objective and subjective truth. Our media used to aim to be objective. Now it is more subjective. Thats why its all live reporting, journalists interviewing each other and  “debates” between journalists rather than experts. TVNZ’s Seven Sharp is a prime example. A current affairs entertainment style show where topics are presented by two journalists and a comedian. It is rather biased in one direction and makes no secrets about that, as the hosts openly make comedy out of those they interview and tell their opinions.

Frankly its just annoying. Since when did having a journalism degree and being on tv qualify you to have an opinion to sway the nation? Actually not even that, some of them are just comedians presenting the news (?!). Previously the code of journalists and media was to expressionlessly present impartial news. They still had an agenda in what they picked I suppose, but I’d rather that than the rubbish they try and pass off now. We are all just dumbed down by their opinions and ‘entertainment’. Apparently ‘lighter entertainment’ rather than actually thinking is what we all need these days.

It just adds to the propaganda. We accept their opinions as fact. Any other opinion is bigoted and wrong. Even though we have ‘freedom of speech’. People argue that Christians ‘ram things down people’s throats’. I would argue the opposite. Any ‘conservative’ voices are silenced and mocked publicly, while the ‘dominant’ opinion is shown. Does this make any alternative opinion wrong?

The same-sex marriage debate is a prime example. It is all about how it is presented. Love and the human right to love, rather than marriage and the foundation of the family and society. This looks much more appetising and easier to argue than the complexities of the effects and consequences of the family and marriage. But is love subjective? Are consequences on the family and society objective or subjective?

Simply, we just live in a public relations world. We are used to it. Everything is spin. What is true?

There is Truth. A full unopened coke can cannot be empty just because you think that is a fact. Pi isn’t 3.2 even though the Indiana legislature tried to make it so in 1897. Truth doesn’t evolve with society’s progression.

And that leads on to more moral issues that our society just palms off as “whats true for you isn’t true for me”.

Some things are pretty universally accepted:

  • Killing someone is wrong.
  • It is not ok to steal someone elses stuff.

But even these boundaries are getting ever blurrier. It is hard even to come up with some moral truths that are universally accepted these days. Perhaps the two things above aren’t even universally accepted any more?

There either is a God or isn’t. No in between.
A foetus is human.
Divorce has negative consequences.

These issues are just ignored in the truth debate (particularly in New Zealand). Perhaps because people do these things, they are convenient, they cause pain, they are emotionally invested in.

Who is to say what is right and wrong? What is ethical anymore? What is true?