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I understand that image is important but is it everything? It seems to be these days and it worries me. When I look around at my friends and family the effort to look right is huge, so huge in fact that they begin to look like someone that they are not.

When I got married and had children the desire I once felt to be super skinny, wear make up everyday, accentuate my ‘womanly features’ etc left my thoughts almost entirely. My mum actually said to me one day that I should stop wearing track pants and maybe brush my hair. But I felt such a happiness that I didn’t care what I looked like. I had Jesus, my husband and my baby, what more could I want?

This is the struggle I’m witnessing. Teenagers, particularly girls, try to be someone they’re not in order to attract the opposite sex and with such advanced social networking today, it’s easy to create a ‘new you’ in minutes. Girls post pictures of themselves in their underwear, share statuses informing everyone of how drunk they were last night and write comments using offensive and insulting language. These girls weren’t born like this, the person they have become was created by themselves. But it’s not their fault. Sex has been slandered and is no longer the sacred, life-giving gift that is was meant to be. It is now used to use others.

group_silhouetteSo when these girls go out of their way, out of their comfort zones, to attract boys. They succeed. But they don’t attract the boy that every parent wants for their daughter, they attract the kind of boy that is looking for that kind of girl. The trouble being that she isn’t actually ‘that’ kind of girl. She’s just a normal girl who has fallen into Satan’s trap of ‘this is love’. So this girl gets used and you might think that that’s the end but it is just the beginning. The emptiness that is left within her is piercing and so begins the downward spiral of her search for real love to fill that gap. Which she can’t find because she’s looking in the wrong place and her usual mask of make up and tight clothes aren’t doing it for her anymore so she turns to different ways of changing her image like alcohol, drugs, even more make up and even shorter skirts and I think we can all see how damaging this can end up.

The teenage suicide rate in New Zealand in the last year has risen from 56 to 80!

Once you’re in its hard to get out so don’t let yourself be consumed by anything except Christ, He is your one true love.

God Bless

Weep No More

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