After weeks (years?) patiently waiting, my husband’s childhood dream has finally come true. We have the joy of having baby chicks in the backyard.

All it took was seeing an advertisement for a broody bantam on trade me, and then acquiring some fertile eggs from Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Then after nights of coaxing our hen onto the eggs, careful watching and waiting, finally they arrived.

My husband said he now knows what its like for me giving birth (?!?).

We now have two Polish Bantam and three Silver Spangled Hamburg chicks.

They are great to watch and very entertaining for us all. It makes you really understand the “mother hen” and “under mother’s wing” type quotes and analogies seeing it all in person. For the first days they hardly left the refuge of their mother’s feathers. Now, nearly a week old, they don’t do anything without their mother showing them or encouraging them to peck, eat, play, run or drink.

It’ll be interesting to see now if we have roosters or hens… But that will be a whole other story.