Call it nesting (31 weeks into pregnancy), or the fact that we have spent our budget the week before pay day every fortnight lately, but I’ve got really into natural living lately.

We’ve always been living pretty “naturally”: we grow our own fruit and veges where we can, we have chickens, we mostly eat things made from “scratch” from fresh ingredients, and since we were married we’ve practiced natural fertility (meaning no artificial contraception). And this summer, with the aid of my Christmas present (Wendyl Nissen’s books) I started making our own cleaning and baby products.

Making Laundry Liquid

Even if it wasn’t doing anything else good for us, being “chemical free” is definately a pick me up mentally and for our budget.  Its actually amazing how easy it really is once you have the stuff. And how many effective things you can make from baking soda and vinegar! I can make a bottle of “Spray and Wipe” for cents, versus the around $4.25 a refill costs at the supermarket. And it makes everything smell good and just as clean.

Years ago we were given a copy of “Living off the smell of an oily rag”, and I never really thought much about it until recently. Then, with two babies at home and the growing sense of my calling as a mother and homemaker I began to look more into living healthier, cheaper and without all the mass produced junk that seems to fill our lives. The way families did in the past. It seems this is a growing trend as books and websites like Wendyl Nissen’s and Natural Parent Magazine gain in followers and people incorporating this into their lifestyles. Mainstream magazines and media are including this thinking. Even website included an article on natural fertility today.

Incorporating this thinking doesn’t necessarily take over the whole of everything we do as a family, I’m not going too crazy (yet) and making absolutely everything. That would be far to overwhelming. But its nice to take small steps at a time to live in a cheaper and more simple way.