Well its been a while since I wrote a blog…

After the February earthquake my husband’s school changed to doing the “afternoon shift” – sharing sites with another school and teaching from 1-6pm. This made life a whole lot busier and days a whole lot longer as a stay at home mum with two babies.

So by the time I actually got a moment to write something or sit on the computer, I’d lost the will to even look at the thing.

But we survived. Hours have now returned to “normal” (whatever that is). I hope that since I don’t have to do all day all on my own with the babies again I will have time and energy to do a bit of writing. Recent writing for my new job writing for NZ Catholic has reminded me of the joy of getting words down. Hopefully this is something I can continue.

Our babies are now nearly 21 months and 9 months. Things don’t become busier necessarily as they grow older, the challenges are just different. Now we are facing  crawling and baby proofing, toddler tantrums and toilet training, and the joy of conversations and being able to do fun, more grown up things as they get older. The girls are lovely friends (although they have already “learnt” to fight). Having them close together has been great and I don’t regret it. I like the challenge and keeping busy. We love our babies. Life is good.

So that is a very short update of whats going on. But at least I broke the writing drought and can hopefully start writing more again…