Running away with one of the many many peaches on the ground

I’m on the hunt for Black Boy Peach recipes. Around our house we have many Black Boy Peach trees, and so much fruit that the lawn is littered with them. Joseph went to hang the washing out and every 20 seconds or so one would drop from the tree.

We have grown up having Black Boy Peaches, so I never thought much about them. However they happen to apparently be quite rare (other than on our property) and have perhaps quite an interesting history for a fruit.

Obviously the name ‘Black Boy’ peach isn’t the most P.C of names. Searching for recipes under that name doesn’t get many helpful results. It doesn’t exist under that name anywhere else in the world, in fact it barely exists full stop.  A google search finds that the peach is a natural mutation of a white-fleshed peach, originally grown in France, several centuries ago. It is most commonly known as ‘Pêche de Vigne’, which means ‘vineyard peach’. The peach trees were grown in vineyards, as pest and disease indicators. 

Honey Roasted Peaches

At the moment we could live off peaches. Our emergency provisions for another earthquake pretty much hang off the trees around us. So I’m working hard to stew and freeze them for baby food for little Rose in a few months time. I’ve stewed them in containers for winter puddings and breakfasts. And now I’m on to finding some more imaginative recipes for the ‘Pêche de Vigne’.

We’ve had honey roasted peaches, peach smoothies, peaches for breakfast, peach crumble and we have heaps of peaches in the freezer to last us a few months.


 I’ve noticed an increase in red stained clothing, and have to wash our toddler well before taking her out in case someone thinks she’s covered in bruises and cuts instead of red peach juice!

With all these peaches its definately a good thing we are all peach fans. Its such a shame to see them all falling on the ground, having to play dodge the peaches to get to the washing line. 

Peaches anyone?