Where to begin…

Since I last posted, what seems like forever ago, such a lot has happened.

Last day of Pregnancy – 9 December 2010

Four weeks ago yesterday I became the mother of a second beautiful wee girl. So now I am the proud mother of two daughters who are 11 months and 1 week apart in age. Our Big Rose who once looked so small looks so big next to her tiny newborn sister.

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2011 are to try and post on this blog more frequently, to record and share what it is like in the first year of having my “Irish twins” and the ups and downs that come with it.

So far as a family of four we are doing well. I am blessed with having a great husband at home for the summer holidays, and so it is great working out parenting two babies together. Little Rose is a very placid baby, and the only trouble we have had is learning how to burp and settle her, being a different baby to how our Big Rose was (of course). Breastfeeding is going well (she is a good wee feeder) and perhaps one of the benefits of having babies close together is that it isn’t too hard to remember some of the tricks we used with our first newborn.

Little Rose’s first moments, 1/2 hour old – 10 December 2010

The biggest challenges are attempting to carry or move both at once (Big Rose isn’t quite walking yet) and trying to keep Big Rose out of trouble when carrying Little Rose (solved by a quick babyproof and closing the door so she can’t crawl away). And of course sleep deprivation. But we are learning more tricks on coping with two as the days go on.

We are so blessed that Big Rose sleeps through the night most of the time, and that she goes down quite well early and Little Rose goes down quite well after a bath (at the same time as we bath Big Rose), so that Joseph and I can have an evening to ourselves. I’ve even had the luxury of popping out for the evening the other night on my own to go to the night prayer session at Hearts Aflame.

Big Rose’s first birthday – 31 December 2010

Life with the two is definately busy. When both are up there isn’t a minute to sit down. Its great that they both have decent naps during the day, allowing for time to get things done and to have a breather.

It will be interesting how things go when Joseph goes back to work in a few weeks time. But in the meantime we will enjoy our time together as a family spending time with our gorgeous girls and savouring the moments while they are small. Big Rose turned one last week, and it is amazing how quick her first year has gone and how fast she has grown and learnt. I know Little Rose will grow just as quick and the time will fly by, so I am enjoying my newborn cuddles and closeness with her. I even savour the moments in the middle of the night when she is all sleepy and feeding, knowing that the time when you are up with them in the night isn’t for long in the scheme of things and she will before long be running around and growing up so fast. How fast four weeks has gone already.

Three years ago on Christmas Day we had a miscarriage. I think it is definately God’s grace that in the two Christmases following that Christmas we have been gifted two beautiful daughters (perhaps with the intercession of our baby in heaven). What a great blessing and journey we have been on since then. And are still on…