What to name a blog?

I had been wanting to start a blog for a while, but had been procrastinating for a while as I didn’t know what to call it.

Then, I thought about the song that had been in my head for days.
“For up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!”
It is a song from the children’s film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and I quite like its optimistic philosophy that:
“Every bursted bubble has a glory!
Each abysmal failure makes a point!
Every glowing path that goes astray,
Shows you how to find a better way.”

I thought “Grow the Roses” is also significant in my life and blog for two main reasons.

Firstly, my middle name is Rose. I definately have a lot of room to grow in many areas of my life. Unfortunately not physically as I am quite vertically challenged and I think all hope is lost there. But anyway, I hope to blog about my journey and growth spiritually (as a practising Catholic), in parenthood (in being parent to two babies who will be eleven months apart), in my marriage and mentally.

Secondly, my daughter’s middle name is also Rose. She is six months old and is still very small and has a long way to grow, and I hope to blog about her and my other “rose” a new daughter who is expected in December.

So about me:

  • My name is Chelsea
  • I am 23 years old.
  • I have been married since I was 21 to a great guy.
  • We have a 6 month old daughter, and we are expecting another daughter in December.
  • Our two girls will be roughly eleven and a half months apart in age.
  • We are practising Catholics, who try to live our lives in accordance with the Catholic Church. We have been and are involved with work with young people, particularly in the area of Theology of the Body.
  • I have a degree in Media and Communication and am really passionate and interested in the media and its effect on us and the messages it sends. Particularly for young people.
  • I subscribe to the idea of “New Feminism”

After years of reading, studying and commenting on various online media, I was looking forward to starting something of my own. And there you go, I finally got going!